Spain 2012 Trip (part 4/?)


Day Trips to Segovia and Toledo

While I was staying in Madrid, I was also able to take two day trips to Segovia and Toledo — each city was only an hour or less away by train. Each city was small and quaint and had beautiful architecture. Definitely bring a map to each though — like with Seville, they had a lot of little, maze-like streets that were fun to walk around and get lost in … until the temperature got too high.

The main attraction in Segovia was the amazing aqueduct — it was built by the Romans in the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD, and transported water into the city from 10 miles away. Sadly, most of it has been destroyed, but there are still sections intact in the center of the city. There were also several small churches to see and a very nice cathedral.



All the buildings in Toledo had exquisite, impressive architectural details. And it seemed every other building was some sort of monastery or church or synagogue — all of them were gorgeous. Also check out the El Greco museum, he really was a master artist. Oh, and check out the damascene jewelry, it’s all so unique and beautiful and the process of creating the jewelry is neat to watch. Just be careful of the many, many tourist trap sellers (unless price is an issue, because authentic damascene jewelry can be pretty pricey).

IMG_2003 IMG_2017 IMG_2021 IMG_2024 IMG_2038 IMG_2041 IMG_2046 IMG_2061 IMG_2064






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