Spring has Sprung … Sort Of


Yeah, Flowers!

Having lived in the Northeast the majority of my life, I love experiencing all four seasons — the first colorful flowers of spring, the warm sunshine of summer, the bright foliage of fall, and of course, beautiful snow for winter. It’s definitely not Christmas without some snow on the ground or falling through the air.

Down here in North Carolina, we still get all the seasons, but of course my least-favorite seasons (spring and summer) are too long and too hot, and my favorite seasons (fall and winter) aren’t as long or as cold as I’d prefer. Except for this year of course. I’m pretty sure I speak for almost everyone when I say that winter needs to move out, and stay out … at least until November. Especially now when spring has been trying to force its way out for a few weeks. We just got some daffodils and tulips and flowering trees to open up, and of course wet snow and sleet decided to make an unnecessary appearance today. I hope all the flowers and trees make it out of this “surprise” unharmed. So in honor of the spring we should be enjoying, I’ve got some photos of what’s (hopefully) to come once winter finally takes a hike.























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