Spain 2012 Trip (part 1/?)



In September 2012, I took my first “adult” vacation on my own and went to Madrid, Seville and Granada. Thanks to my wonderful parents, I’ve been able to travel to many fabulous places throughout the world all of my life and have always enjoyed doing so. I’ve got a long, long, long bucket list of places I want to see.

So when I finally got my own job and my own apartment and saved up enough money, I definitely wanted to go traveling again. Why Spain? Well, technically I had been there before with a high school group my junior year, but it left much to be desired. First, there were a bunch of stupid high school kids in my group that didn’t really want to learn anything new. Then they stuck our group with several other high school groups and a group of older adults, so we got carted around with everyone all the time at a rapid-fire pace where you couldn’t really take anything in. Plus we got stuck in a bunch of tourist traps when it came to food and hotels (I swear one restaurant served us spaghetti-os and the little ice creams in the paper cups. Yeah, real Spanish fare there).

So I wanted to go back for myself and really see Spain this time. My parents had been to Barcelona on their own and it does look fantastic, but I decided on Madrid, and then figured I would check out Granada and Seville since they were each only an hour or so train ride away. I’ll have to spread my thoughts and photos over a few posts — hopefully they give everyone a few glimpses of the wonders to see in Spain, or at least ignite a desire to see some other exotic part of the world.  

So here it is, some of my photos from my Spain trip, starting with Seville (sorry if the pictures look a little funky — I’m still getting used to inserting images):

Seville: The Alcazar and Gardens

A brief history (according to a tourist guide I bought): “The alcazar began as a fort in the 9th Century when it was built by the Moors, and became a royal palace in the 11th Century. When Christians conquered Seville in 1364, it became a royal palace for the Christian monarchs. Therefore, there is a combination of Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles throughout the palace and gardens.” I thought all the intricate carvings and designs, from the pillars and the arches to the tiles on the ground, were gorgeous, and I’d never seen such extensive and elaborate attention to detail. 



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